• How To Secure A Good Real Estate Property In Thailand:

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    If you are planning to invest in a condominium unit here are some things to consider before acquiring one. Below are some tips to help you out get the best deal for your money when investing in a condo unit. 

    Think about the location and convenience. You may have noticed that the location of the condo unit plays a major role in the buyers’ decision making. Convenience and accessibility to other commercial businesses, hospitals, schools, churches/temples and malls are also being factored in before making a purchase.  

    Bangkok is known to be a bustling city with lots of residential and commercial condominium units available for sale.  Check various websites for Bangkok Condo Finder for more options and contact licensed real estate agents to schedule a visit on the property.  

    Budget is another factor for all potential condominium buyers. Pre-selling condominiums are known to be cheaper compared to the ones that are already built. If you are not in a rush you may consider looking into pre-selling projects as long as you are willing to wait for a couple of years before moving into the property. Choosing to acquire the property at a pre-selling or pre-construction stage will save you a lot of money as the market value increases on a yearly basis also depending on the occupancy rate of the property. The value may increase as high as 100 to 200% especially if the condominium unit is located in the heart of the business district. Meanwhile, if you have the means to splurge on a good investment you can also consider looking into Luxury Condo Bangkok for a more high-end option. By the way, you can also acquire them during pre-selling stage, your realtor will guide you with the process. Make sure to discuss everything before closing the deal especially money matters from down payment, monthly amortization, interest rate, parking lot fees and association fees.  

    Amenities are also one thing that buyers are looking into. If someone hands you a flyer you always take time to glance at the amenities that the developer offers. They may be considered by some as needs or wants. The amenities contribute a lot into the marketing aspect of the real estate company. They also differ based on their target market. Most buyers would look into the place wherein they could spend recreational activities with their families such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, outdoor grills where families can have a barbeque party and an indoor gym ideal for health buffs. If you want your kids to experience nature firsthand you can also consider checking for gardens, parks and playgrounds within the property. Check out more here – http://www.inluxeasia.com/EN/inluxeshowcase/property-for-rent/bangkok