• Buying Your First Home

    Date: 2017.08.23 | Category: Property Investments | Tags:

    Making the decision to buy your first home is in indeed an exciting one and while you will be a in a rush to have your first home, it is important that you spend time looking in to the different aspects on investment to make sure that you are spending your money in the right place. The home you choose to buy for yourself will depend on the type of lifestyle that you lead. If you are someone with a family, small children and pets, you will need to buy a small house with a garden so that you have your privacy and so that your pets and children have an area to play in. However, having a house with a garden also means that there will be a lot of work involved with cleaning and arranging and this is something that you have to remember when making your purchase. Living as single full time workerOn the other hand, if you are a loner and a full time worker, you will not need to have a big house of your own. You can instead look for a serviced apartment for sale in Siem Reap where you will simply be able to come home to a clean apartment after a tired day of work and not have to think about the house work and chores that come with being a home owner. You will find that apartments are also a lot cheaper than houses which means that you will be able to get a place of your own while also being able to retain some of your savings.

    If however you have your heart fixed on having a house with a garden and a little white picket fence, you can still look for properties that you can get within the budget that you have in mind but you might have to look for a place that is slightly outside of town as houses are a bit more expensive than apartments. When making an investment, it is vital that you make sure that you are investing in a property that has a good resale value and also the potential to go up in price with time because if you are going to spend all of your savings, you will need to have something as backup in case you ever have a financial emergency. You can check out more here http://www.ips-cambodia.com/. 

    You need to make sure that your net worth is fixed and does not go down with your investment in a new house. It would even be a good idea to have a professional who can advise you on the subject.